Self-testing and Healthcare

Self-testing kits are the kits that can be used at home without assistance from any health care specialist. Self-test kits are easily available over the counter or online. Most of these tests show the results by changing the colors of the test material and take few minutes to complete. A few tests are a bit complex and require research and expertise to perform. These tests are usually performed in a laboratory. All of these require a sample of blood, urine, saliva, or stool.

How to buy self-test kits safely?

One can plan to purchase a self-test kit after discussing with a doctor or a pharmacist. They can help you with the available options that best suit your needs. When buying self-test kits online, make sure of the expiry date and that the package is sealed. Also, ensure that the kit is safe to use and doesn’t have any side effects for you.

Benefits of self-testing at home

The self-tests are of key importance to cases where the patient is uncomfortable to take his disease to a practitioner such as sexually transmitted diseases(STDs) and infertility. These kinds of tests help a person diagnose the disease in early stages and thus, save lives. This early detection can also help with the huge amounts of money that go into the treatment at later stages of the diseases.

Self-tests at home could also be a less expensive alternative to the health care services. This would make doctors and nurses available as the number of appointments would go down and be put into use by people who do have medical grounds for treatment. This would also free the number of beds for people with more serious diseases.

These self-tests are more convenient as they allow you to skip your trips to the professionals. The tests are easy to perform once you are aware of it and are reliable and accurate in most cases.

Disadvantages of self-testing at home

A lot of the professionals claim that there are dangers with these tests as a person could be over-diagnosed or under-diagnosed without a healthcare professional’s supervision. The results could be unreliable at times due to contaminated blood, stool, urine, or saliva samples resulting from improper handling and transportation. Hence, there could be pseudo alarms or pseudo assurances.

Self-test Kits

The self-test kits available for fertility tests and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are quite popular among others. You can also, therefore, readily take fertility tests and talk about the results to a professional in case of any queries. The self-tests for STIs include tests for infections such as Chlamydia and gonorrhea. In cases where the results are positive, one must immediately take medical advice and start their treatment. Test kits for HIV are available free online and can also be purchased at your local pharmacies. The self-tests for prostate cancer and bowel cancer are also available. If you are even a bit doubtful about the results, immediately consult the healthcare specialist at your nearest hospital.