The More Unusual Invasive Wildlife

Various other species of animals that typically live in the wild can infringe upon residential areas and are so frequently seen on roadways as what is sadly known as roadkill. There may be numerous varieties of lizards, snakes, and turtles. The concern for people is how to remove these critters from the road and possibly from the yard without harming them.

wildlife turtles

Lizards are nearly impossible to catch unless done by professional animal specialists. Never do so yourself, which can result in the injury of the animal and yourself. The same goes for any variety of snake. If you witness one of these species on the road, it is best to call a pro and avoid contact with the animal. Wait to see if the animal can make it across the path to safety and relate this to those in animal control.

If snakes or lizards invade your home and property, professionals are necessary to remove them humanely. Small traps can be strategically placed to capture the animals and relocate them back into their natural habitat. Lizards may be difficult to catch and would need to be humanely trapped by specialists. Snakes can sometimes be captured with snake poles and unique traps. Either way, never attempt to rescue any animal on your own without the help of those who know the proper humane handling care they require.

guatemalan beaded lizard

Turtles are a little different, and most are not dangerous to humans. The rule of thumb when trying to save a turtle on the road is to move it to the other side of the road in the same direction it was going. Do not try to turn it around. The turtle typically knows where it wants to go and to turn it around will only cause it to head back where it was going in the first place. If you are not sure of the type of turtle and fear a snapper like the snapping turtle, you can try throwing a towel or blanket over it and carry it near its rear to the other side of the road. Another option is to use a shovel, gently pick it up and place on the other side away from danger. If you are not comfortable doing so, protect the animal from other vehicles while you phone animal control specialists for assistance.